Mcintosh Mc 240 Amp

McIntosh MC 240 Stereo Power Amplifier

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The McIntosh MC 240 was produced between 1960 to 1969, and was one of the last tube amps McIntosh made. It was typically used in theaters to power the big corner horns and other big horns used in those days. It was bulletproof, capable of being used across a very wide set of impedances and crazy loads, with no degradation of sonics. The specifications on this amp are way beyond what you typically see today. For instance it could handle speaker loads from 4 ohms to 125 ohms, even up to 600 ohms, all while putting out up to 40 solid watts per channel. Used as a mono block, it could put out 80w/ch. Bear in mind that this amp operates mostly in Class A, meaning it can put out 40 (stereo) to 80 (mono) watts into 3 Hz to 40KHz. An amazing feat, for then and for now.

The sound: Very lucid, extremely tight no matter what the load, and very fluid, due to its bifilar wound transformers (made in house by McIntosh) with their really wide frequency range. Also the circuitry was unique, even today, in that it had the 6L6 power tubes cross coupled in a very tight embrace that gives very low distortion and amazing speed.

The specs

  • Power: 40w/ch 4 ohms to 16 ohms; and up to 125ohms to 600 ohms with minor reduction in power.
  • Frequency Response: 16 to 40 kHz, +0, -.1db; 16 to 60kHz +0, -.5 db; both at full rated power, 10 to 100kHz, +0, -1.0db at half rated power
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: greater than or equal to -90db
  • THD: less than .5% from 20 to 20kHz at full power
  • Weight: 56lbs, 65 lbs shipped

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