The way people hear music is not a “one size fits all” kind of experience. We all listen for and appreciate different nuances in music and its reproduction. My goal at Marihart Audio is to help you find YOUR perfect sound

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Stereo and Audio Systems in Northern California


“Hello! My name is David Marihart. I am an Audiophile.”
My passion for all things audio led me down the path of searching for what would make my ears happy.

Since 1974, I have frequented record shops, jazz clubs and hi-fi showrooms looking for “my sound’. With time, experience and help from professionals in the field, who kindly shared their knowledge, I found, “IT’.

In 2006, I opened Marihart Audio to help others find their perfect home audio gear or systems. My relationship with the hi-fi designers, dealers and manufacturers has been helpful when trying to find others ‘their sound.’

Marihart Audio Specialties

  • Consignment – rotating stock of high end equipment – See List link

  • New Gear – High End Equipment

  • Tube Equipment and Tube Testing a Specialty

  • Acoustical Room Treatment and Consultation

  • Equipment Consultation to help you find the Perfect Piece

  • Discount Freight and Shipping Services, Domestic and International


We sell a lot of new and consigned high end stereo and audio systems across Northern California, Napa and the rest of the country. We are always looking for new consignments.

Prior to shipping your purchase, all equipment is carefully reviewed and carefully packed. I also offer also a Return Policy to further ensure you satisfaction with Marihart Audio purchases.

New Gear comes with manufacturers warranties, mine and their support systems.


  • BBB Rated A+
  • Highly Rated on USAudioMart as a Dealer
  • Founder Sierra Nevada Audiophile Society
  • Marihart Audio Facebook Page
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