Consignments in Colfax, CA

I am always looking for more quality equipment to sell on consignment. Please feel welcome to contact me to discuss any pieces you may wish to consign with Marihart Audio if you’re in Colfax, Roseville, Sacramento, or Rocklin, CA.

The following gear are consignment pieces I am offering for my customers in Northern California. All pieces have been tested, played, and if needed, repaired, so that they will perform for you and meet all your expectations. I have a Return Policy that conforms to BBB and eBay requirements. The normal return period is 20 days from receipt. All units are guaranteed to work upon shipping.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you find something that you find of interest here, in our inventory of new gear, or in our list of installation services.

All Pricing Is Asking Price, Feel Free to Make An Offer

Marihart Audio Specials

All Pricing is ASKING Price, Unless Otherwise Indicated | Return Policy: see for info | All items warrantied to work upon shipping


AudioQuest Type 4 speaker Cables, 12 ft.

Nice condition Type 4 12’ speaker cables, Used. Spades

Retail Price: $270
Asking Price: $100

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AudioQuest CV6 Speaker Cables w Active Shielding, 6 ft

Great condition, Spades, Needs batteries for shield.

Retail Price: $350
Asking Price: $120

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AudioQuest XLR Interconnects, 2.5m

Great condition interconnects

Retail Price: $200
Asking Price: $75

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ESS Heil AMT 422H Headphones

Headphones with the famous Heil tweeter and 40mm bass driver
Glorious mids and highs, tight bass, reduced

Retail Price: $199
Asking Price: $159

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Antique Sound Lab Phono Lux MC Stage

Phonostage modified by Chris Kipp with Altec 4722 matched units and Riken ohm resistors. Separate power supply.

Asking Price: $500

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Trennel and Friedl Pharoah Speakers in Near Mint condition

Sold as good as they look, great condition. Very natural sonics.

Retail Price: $13,000
Asking Price: $7,500

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JoLida Glass DAC II

One owner mint condition unit and works perfectly. 24/192 capable,
USB, Toslink, and SPDIF inputs. Newer tubes with spare tube

Retail Price: $699
Asking Price: $400

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Exemplar Audio SCC RCA 1m interconnects

Has Active shielding and sounds very neutral, musical, and detailed.

Retail Price: $4,000
Asking Price: $1,000

Exemplar Audio SCC RCA interconnects, .3m

Great for very short runs, sounds like the above interconnects

Retail Price: $600
Asking Price: $100

Tiffany Electronics Power Cable, 1m

Used in good shape, heavy gauge.

Asking Price: $50

Acoustic Zen Black Wood Stands, 27” Tall

Retail Price: $400
Asking Price: $100

Creek Destiny CD Player

Works and sounds great, CD Drawer occasionally sticks

Retail Price: $2,500
Asking Price: $700

MIT Jumpers, 2 sets

Retail Price: $200/pr
Asking Price: $75/pr

VTI Amp Stand, 40lb rated

Asking Price: $30

Altec Barcelona 873A Floor Standing Speakers

Good condition cabinets, refoamed 15” drivers (Altec Dynamic force design), great efficient sound

Asking Price: $2,500

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KLH Model 21 Table Radio

The original table radio that has been recapped-sounds great. Has Small stain on the front grill, in good condition otherwise. Get the one that started the table radio craze. FM only

Asking Price: $135

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Margules 2020 U280 Black Tube Amplifiers, 2 in stock

These are the latest Margules amps with much improved power supplies and increased dynamics, yet very musical and very fast. I am just waiting on tubes from the manufacturer-will be Gold Lion KT 88 and EH 12AU7 tubes. Full warranties.

Retail Price: $6,000ea
Asking Price: $4,500ea

Margules 2019 SF220 Black Preamp

Much improved over earlier designs, this pre is fast and very quiet, projects a dynamic black velvet background yet musical and detailed soundstage. Comes with stock 12AU7 tubes, NOS 12AU7, and 6DJ8 tubes in critical locations.

Retail Price: $5,000ea
Asking Price: $3,000ea

Snell Acoustics Center Channel Speaker

Nice sounding 8” two way speaker for center channel, good condition

Asking Price: $250

Genesis 7.2f Floor Standing Speakers

Really nice pair of Genesis speakers that are dealer demo. Freq range is
22Hz to 40kHz, 89 db efficient. Great reviews, and local dealer.

Retail Price: $18,000
Asking Price: $12,000

Kirmuss Audio KA-RC-1 Record Restoration System

Restores records by deep cleaning beyond that of any other machine. Ultrasonic cleaning using 3 different frequencies and solution that removes all gunk out of the groves. I have these in stock, and supplies if needed. See info.

Retail Price: $970
Asking Price: $899

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Revox A77 w Lots of Extras, Quarter Track

One owner machine, really clean, has 3 3/4 and 7 1/2 spds, Comes with 2 NAB adapters, remote, interconnects, Cover,
Power cord, Rare Advent M 100 Dolby B unit that is calibrated To the A77. Gone through by Paul-original owner

Asking Price: $1,950

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Brodmann VC2 Speakers in Makassar Ebony-Demos

Beautiful floor standing speakers with amazing timber accuracy. Easy to drive, freq response is 41 Hz to 25kHz, flat 8 ohm impedance curve-so they are an easy drive. 92db efficiency, recommend maximum 100w amp

Asking Price: $9,500

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Nakamichi 670Zx Cassette deck

Really clean Nakamichi deck, gone through, belts replaced, comes with rare remote box and working remote, metal tape, tech report. Clean faceplate, minor scratches on chassis, Original Manual

Asking Price: $1,550

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Revox PR99 MkII 10” Reel to Reel, 2 track

Clean and beautiful, this is a collectors deck. Digital readout, 15 and 7.5 ips speeds, quiet playback, comes with manual, interconnects, NIB adapters, and is designed for rack mount, but does have feet. Gone through and my tech’s personal piece. Parts available if needed.

Asking Price: $5,000

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HSU Research HWS 12” Driver Cylinder Subwoofers

These large but high output subs are in great shape and sound great. Capable of knock pictures off walls (actually did that), come with amps, and electronic crossover. Capable of 125 db at 30Hz (according to some reviewers). Call for pics.

Asking Price: $600

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Revox A77 2 track unit, 10”

This unit has a clean face, wood cabinet has a few chips on corners. Works great and has been gone through. Will have NIB adapters. Comes with take up reel. 3.75 and 7.5 ips.

Asking Price: $1,200

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Dali 5 channel set of speakers-very rare

Minuet II ( 1 pr) rear channel, Royal Towers (1 pr) Suite CO.8 center channel. Good condition, minor Scratches.

Sold separately: CO.8. $300
Royal Tower: $450/pr
Minuet: $300/pr
Asking Price: $1,100

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Black Audio Rack, 4 shelf for gear

Good condition, recommend local pickup

Asking Price: $225

Monster Power AVS 2000

Have 2 in stock, heat duty AC power supplies with AC filtration, surge
protection, sine wave correction. One owner units work great.
Sold as separates or as a pair.

Asking Price: $450

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McIntosh SCR-2 Speaker Control Relay

Works great, gone through, designed for amps with up to 1800W supply. Guaranteed.

Asking Price: $50

Audioengine D3 DAC/Headphone Amp

NEW unit, dealer demo. Full Warranty. 2V headphone amp with 24 bit DAC. USB interface, plugs into computer and is WAY BETTER than computer unit

Retail Price: $99
Asking Price: $59

Paulson Audio Model 20 speakers with matching sub

Speakers sound great, sub may need work but sub driver in excellent condition (Scanspeak 9″), minor flaws on speakers, as is.

Retail Price: $4,500
Asking Price: $200


Panamax M5300PM.

Over/under voltage monitoring, 5 isolated power banks w 2 high current, 11 outlets, Level 4 AC conditioning, Clean pictures on TV and Audio, Gaming LAN port, NEW

Retail Price: $539
Asking Price: $539


AudioQuest CV6 Biwire Speaker Cables w 24V Shield

6’ Length, Great shape 2 Pair

Asking Price: $150ea

AudioQuest Type 4 speaker Cable

Biwire, 12 ‘ length

Asking Price: $270

Bottlehead Interconnect RCA

Has 90 degree head, 2’ length

Asking Price: $150

Audioquest Clear Hyperlitz cables,

6’ 1 pr

Asking Price: $30


noise suppression on negative speaker terminal. Really works

Retail Price: $200
Asking Price: $55


Pair XLR cables, 2.5m

Retail Price: ?
Asking Price: $50

Cardas Contact Conditioner

Retail Price: $16
Asking Price: $16

LAST Record Conditioner Kit, 2 on hand

Retail Price: $80
Asking Price: $35