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About Brodmann: All speakers are made in the Brodmann piano facility in Vienna, Austria. The are custom built and actually tuned like a musical instrument. They use panels that vibrate at specific frequencies, and all drivers are made by Brodmann. They are a resonate cabinet design, with no compromise in quality, unlike most speakers made today. As a result, we find them to be the most natural and accurate speakers made today. They all convey the sense of emotion and liquidity in music lacking in most high end speakers.

Brodmann F2 Festival

The Festival F2 is built for people with passion for music and a sense for precise sound reproduction. This speaker is your entry into the world of serious high end speakers. The sound is wonderfully neutral, dynamic, and does not emphasize any particular range of frequencies. Great for classical and jazz with a big soundstage and precise imaging. Also not room placement sensitive, and can be driven by any 25 to 100 W amp with ease. In black lacquer finish-same as high end pianos. Have this unit for demo in home or at the store. We now have a demo F2 pair for sale at $5200, comes with full warranties and shipping to you. CA sales tax will be additional. This pair is in mint condition, and only has 10 hours on the speakers-break in time is 100+ hours, so they are essentially new. This is the ONLY demo pair in the USA.
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Price is $7500/Pr

Brodmann F1 Festival

The F1 Festival is similar to the F2, but in a smaller package. Beautifully made with the same deep finish as the F2, the only difference is a smaller footprint and a bit less bass response (to 40Hz). Big soundstage, slightly less precise imaging than the F2 (but still superior to many speakers costing twice as much), and very neutral sounding. Easy to drive with any amp of 20-75 W.
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Price is $5900/Pr

Brodmann FS Festival

The FS uses the same drivers as the F1, but in a bookshelf body. Bass to 55 Hz, very musical, and with a small footprint. Can be used on the stand or on a bookshelf-although the stand does give it better imaging in the midrange. Same beautiful black lacquer finish as the other Festival series. I have this unit for in home demo or at the store.
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Price is $4500/Pr

Joseph Brodmann Signature Series Speakers, JB 175, JB 205b

These speakers represent the state of the art in this type of active design. Brodmann succeeded in creating the perfect interplay of pure music, aesthetics, and craftsmanship: a perfect symbiosis of the ultimate in sound culture, the art of piano making, and advanced technology. The transparency of sound, sparking cascades of notes, the depth of the bass and the wide spectrum of tonal colors and nuances impresses even the most demanding connoisseurs and transports them into another world. These handmade speakers are more than sound transducers, they are acoustic sculptures, providing breathtaking luxury in every way, without compromise.
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Price: JB 175: Base model: $50,900/ Pr
JB205B: Base model: $78,400/Pr
Veneer model: $59,700/Pr
Veneer Model: $92,900/Pr

Brodmann VC2 Vienna Classic


The VC2 is the mid line of the Vienna Series, and is custom made to your choice of the available veneers. The sound you’ll hear with the VC2 will be wonderfully dynamic, natural, very full and robust (especially on wood instruments), and most of all, transparent to the emotion of the music. It will meet every music demand and reproduce the sound of a violin (in all its texture and delicacy) as well as it does an electric guitar. Recommended amplifier is 75W to 150W, efficiency is 91db, with bass to 31Hz.

You have a choice of 6 veneers, or Piano black, and any special veneer you may choose. All speakers are custom made and take up to 2 months for delivery. We have the VC2 in Birch Burl for demo in home or at the store.
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Prices: Black lacquer finish: $13,900/Pr
Veneer (of the 6) or White: $15,700/Pr
Specialty Veneer of your choice: $17,800/Pr

Brodmann VC7 Vienna Classic

The VC7 is the top of the line for the Vienna Classic Series. It is their largest floor standing speaker, and it was created by Brodmann with one idea in mind: your absolute fascination when listening to music, whatever genre you choose. Big soundstage, very emotional presentation, precise imaging, to mention a few. Bass down to 25Hz for those organ passages in big halls, power enough to shake the room. Amplifier recommended is 100W to 250W, although the speaker is pretty efficient at 91db. Speakers are custom made and take up to 2 months for delivery.
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Price: Black Lacquer: $18,900/Pr
Veneer (of the 6) or White: $21,800/Pr
Custom Veneer of your choice: $24,900/Pr

Brodmann Piano

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Brodmann Piano, as pictured $109,700