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ESS 422H Headphones

ESS 422H Headphones 3/29/21 Marihart Audio is now a dealer for ESS Labs, the famous speaker manufacturer of the 1970’s with the Heil Air Motion Transformer. They have come out with a new headphone, called the 422H, that uses a miniature updated Heil Air Motion Transformer and a 40mm bass driver. The headphone sounds incredible […]

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Black Ice Audio F 159

I recently purchased a Black Ice Audio F 159 Phono stage to potentially replace my reference phono stage. I will confess, having dealt with Jolida for years (now Black Ice Audio), I went for the upgrades right out of the gate. I had Jerred put in the Vishay resistors in the signal path, all 18 […]

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Vintage DAC, the Levinson 360

I am trying out a vintage DAC, the Levinson 360, which was rebuilt completely by George Meyer in LA. My initial impressions are that it is very analog sounding with a deep soundstage. Most importantly it is very timbre accurate. Source is the Levinson 37T which I think is one of the absolute best sounding […]

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