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I recently ordered a Black Ice F22 integrated amp. I hooked it up to a pair of Trennel and Freidl Pharoah speakers with Cardas cabling.
The main source was a Creek Destiny CD player I have had for some time.

I will not kid you, it took a good 100 hours before it sounded good, then the next 400 hours just got a lot better.
I am told that the transformers take 1500 hours to totally break in. Also this unit is running stock tubes, but with 28 Vishay Naked Z resistors and trick wiring for the inputs and outputs. The upgrades are 4 and 6 in the Black Ice catalog.

It is a stunning integrated-silent, very fast and detailed, but very musical. The singer, male or female, is just there. The staging is as big as the speakers and room will allow. And there doesn’t seem to be much limit to depth. I am told by Jerrod that this will just get better as the transformers get broken in more.

But you have to be patient with this amp. It takes its time getting up to speed when you turn it on-give it a good hour before really listening. 3-4 hours for critical listening. It HAS to warm up. I found it really sang the best on the second day of running. My suggestion to you, if you are listening successive days, don’t turn it off for the night. It will really reward you the next day.

Do have this unit for loan if you want to try it out. It really is a stunner. 40W/ch solid running EL34 tubes. Advertised is 50W/ch. 4 and 8 ohm taps. Great for speakers in the 92-100db range of efficiency.

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