Speakers: How to set them up in a Room to fully maximize Sound Quality

I want to share a bit of information I got from a good friend of mine about setting up your speakers in a room.

  • Look at the room and see if it and all the furniture in the room is symmetrical. If not, and I bet it isn’t, please don’t assume to keep the speakers symmetrical with the room.
  • The tip is that each speaker interacts with the room differently if the room isn’t symmetrical. Thus to get the most out of the speakers and your system, realize that they will NOT be set up the same.
  • Start with one speaker, moving it a bit at a time and listening to the same musical passage over and over. Don’t make big movements-recommend 1/2 or less inch per time.
  • What will happen is that at the magical spot you will hear more detail, more depth, and a naturalness the other does not have.
  • Repeat for the other speaker, using the one you moved for reference.
  • When complete, both will integrate at a level you’ve never heard before, much more focus, depth, etc. Another benefit is that when you crank up the volume the speakers will NOT be screechy or annoying, but sound smoother and more focused.
  • This takes time-allow 2 or 3 hours minimum. You may need to move furniture, your chair, etc to get it to work perfectly.
    Good Luck-It will be worth it.
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