Marihart Audio System Notes

Many of you might wonder what we run here at Marihart Audio.  Honestly, the system varies depending on what is being broken in, companies we carry, and other factors.  Right now we have the Prima Luna Premium Dialogue Preamp; the Cary Audio 200T DAC; Linn LP12 with the Ittock LVII arm, Grace F9 Cartridge, and Soundsmith Ruby needle; Stax DA100M Monoblock amps (very rare and very good); and Brodmann VC2 speakers with a JL Audio E110 sub.  Also hooked up through the Cary Audio PH300 MKII are 2 VPI tables on loan-the Avenger and the Classic HW, both with the very fine Ortofon Bronze Cardenza MC Cartridges.  Cabling is Exemplar Audio ExCeption Interconnects throughout with Acoustic Zen Hologram II speaker cables.  All runs on a dedicated circuit through the Exemplar Balanced Power supply.  Results are lots of air and space, lots of dynamics, depth, and a soundstage that is wider than the speakers.  I can also demo the Oppo HA 1 and PM2 headphones with minor rewiring.



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