Brodmann VC2 vs. F2

I recently received both of these speakers from Brodmann and will be carrying them and the older FS (still in production) as my demo speakers. I have been running a comparison between the F2 and the VC2 to see the difference in performance for the increase in price (F2 sells for $6900 and the VC2 for $15,700). Is there a difference?

Looks: I have to admit the VC2 is a work of art. It is pictured here in my listening room in Maple Burl and is beautiful.

The F2 are pretty in the piano black, but not the wower that the VC2’s are.
F2 stock picture:

Sound: Here the differences are less, but still substantial. The VC2 does like a bit more power than the F2, but primarily in the bass. To get the deepest bass out of them will take 15% more juice than the F2. They do go to 31Hz, vs. the 36Hz of the F2, mainly the difference between a no sub and needing a subwoofer. The VC2 are definitely more dynamic than the F2, snares have more snap, kettle drums are there in the room vs. the F2 representing a meaningful hint. Also the imaging is very precise in the VC2, I noticed all the instruments were more precisely layered out with better depth. The main difference was in the richness of the instruments. Before a standup bass was well represented in the F2, the VC2 you could hear the resonance of the wood and the slap of the strings on the neck. This especially went for piano, it was rich, very present, yet very dynamic like a real piano. Overall the sound is more realistic than the F2, worth the double the cost to a true music lover.

If you love music, esp. jazz and classical, this is the speaker for you. It sure is for me. This speaker is the best I have ever heard (save the VC7) at reproducing the emotion and beauty of music. To listen to it is a joy and very restful to the ear.

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