New JoLida and Acoustat

I am picking up a set of JoLida gear (ordered today) for next week: The JD9 Phonostage (upgraded), the FX 10 integrated amp (upgraded), the FX Tube DAC III with Bluetooth, and the FOZ XT_R Phono Sound Stage Expander. The JD 9 does MM, MC, and has carbon resistors, ESA clarity cap outputs, and gold Pin Tungsol 12AX7 tubes and sells for $899. The FX 10 is being upgraded to Vishay resistors and carbon resistors, which will deepen and widen the soundstage, allowing more detail to shine through. Cost is $849. The FX tube DAC III has Toslink, Coaxial Inputs, USB 96/24, Galvanic isolation, RCA Output, volume Control, headphone minijack, and Bluetooth. All this for $599. FOZ XT_R is an electronic compensation unit solving for turntable cartridge crosstalk and axial tilt. This makes an inexpensive turntable sing like a $2000 table with a $500 cartridge. The cost on the FOZ is $350. See for more info.
Also I have 2 pairs of Acoustat speakers coming in next week. Please check the specials as well.

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