Marihart Audio System Notes

Many of you may wonder what type of system we run here at Marihart Audio. We have an eclectic mix of gear, some old and some new. All of it is very high resolution, and being played in a tuned room engineered by Tony Grimani of MSR Acoustics. Sources are many: Linn LP12 table with Origin Motor and Controller with a Grace F9 Cartridge and Soundsmith Ruby needle; Soaring Audio Media Center run via USB through a Cary Audio DAC 100T (24bit/192); Exemplar 95 Blue Ray Player with external power supply; Phonostage is a Cary Audio PH 302MkII; Margules Audio BTV4 Bluetooth; and all Acoustic Zen Hollogram II and Absolute Copper interconnects. Amps vary: We use mostly a Cary Audio Ultimate SLI 80 tubed with EAT 6922, and Psvane TII KT88 (also use NOS Sylvania 6SN7). We are trying a pair of Stax DT100-M monoblocks and a prototype tube preamp (cannot reveal builder) in the system soon. Speakers are varying-right now we are running the Acoustat 2+2 that are rebuilt and strengthened over the stock unit from 1982. Sound? Very smooth, very revealing (to a fault), and very musical. Come by and listen-just give me a heads up. And bring some vinyl and CD’s.

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