Cary Audio Designs Changes

Cary Audio has made major changes in the way we do business. I am a Retail Representative now, and carry a few items of theirs for demo so you can hear them first hand. If you want to buy, you MUST go to to purchase. Former dealers as myself will no longer sell to the consumer unless it is old stock or old demo gear. You can buy direct from Cary, get to try it in your home, buy it or send it back under this new way of doing business. I will get credit for it through Cary.
I currently have the DAC 200ts, the SLI 80 Ultimate, the SLP98L (direct coupled), and the PH 302 Mk II for demo in my showroom. I also have the older DAC 100T going up for sale soon, this model still has warranty on it.
For info on these models go to:,,,
For Cary direct go to:

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