Cary Audio and PS Audio Trade In Policies

Cary Audio

Cary Audio has recently started a trade-in policy for their gear so the customer can trade up. It benefits the customer in that you get a cash value for your Cary gear which is applied toward your new gear purchase, and you don’t have to go through the hassle of selling the piece. If your dealer opts, he can also take it on trade in and resell it, but that is up to the individual dealer. For more info go to:
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PS Audio

They have their own policies on trade-in, and are very liberal on this issue. Just don’t try giving them an old tire. Again the dealer can give you credit on a trade-in and resell it, or you can deal direct with PS Audio. PS Audio does make the final decision on what they will accept and for how much. for more info see:

The neat thing about this is it makes it easier for us consumers to have that toy we always wanted from two major manufacturers of great gear.

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