Brodmann Acoustics Back in the USA

Brodmann is back. After a reorganization in Europe and a change in ownership, Brodmann speakers are back. Brad Paulsen of Arceuarts is importing them, with a new price structure and shipping out of Santa Maria, CA . It will still be a few months until they are up and running, but the future looks good for us consumers in the US. The pricing has gone down on some speakers, and staid the same on others. I still own a pair of FS that my honey runs in her system, and will never sell them. No speakers I have heard do imaging and timbre as realistically as the Brodmanns. I have decided to have for demo the F2 and the VC2 (veneered) speakers. These will be floating out to customers to try in their systems, I already have a list for trial, especially for the VC2. Of course the VC2 will be in basic black or white 7 layer lacquer paint, or the choice of 6+ veneers. Please see for more info.

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