The following gear are consignment pieces I am offering for my customers. All pieces have been tested, played, and if needed, repaired, so that they will perform for you and meet all your expectations. I have a Return Policy that conforms to BBB and EBay requirements. Normal Return period is 20 days from receipt. All units are guaranteed to work upon shipping.

Please don’t hesitate to Email or Call me if you find something that you find of interest.

All Pricing Is Asking Price, Feel Free to Make An Offer

Marihart Audio Specials

March 2, 2020


All Pricing is ASKING Price, Unless Otherwise Indicated
Return Policy: see for info
All items warrantied to work upon shipping

SEAC WE 308L Double Knife Edge Tonearm

Long Version of this famous tonearm, this arm is NEW
In box with all manuals. Comes complete.
Can ship USPS insured
Seac We 308l Double Knife Edge Tonearm

Retail $1550

LSA Statement 2 Speakers in Rosewood

Beautiful speakers, one owner, sound great. Way upgraded
Over the stock units, Ribbon tweeter, upgraded x-over, etc.
Original boxing too
LSA Statement 2 Speakers in Rosewood

Retail $5500
Asking $2150

LSA Statement 1 Speakers in Rosewood

Considered to be one of the best bookshelf speakers of
2006 under 2500, upgraded x-overs, ribbon tweeter, original
LSA Statement 1 Speakers in Rosewood

Retail $2499
Asking $950

Musical Fidelity X Ponents X-LP Phonostage

Sweet little phono stage for mm/mc cartridges. Loading is 100
Ohm for MC, 47k ohm for MM. Works great.
Retail $350

Musical Fidelity X Ponents X-Pre Tube Preamp

Great little tube preamp with 4 inputs, Mullard NOS 6DJ8
Tubes, no remote, but quiet and clean. Very musical
Retail $400

AudioPrism ACFX Power Line Filter

Great little filter designed for amps and can pass up to
30 amps. Works great, comes with heavy duty power cord
Retail $549
Asking $275


Teac V 900X Cassette Player
McIntosh 2015 Stereo Power Amplifier
Levinson Number 37 CD Transport
Levinson # 360S Preamp
Quicksilver Monoblock 8417G Amps
Theta Digital D S Pro Generation III DAC Upgraded to D
Retail $7000


Proceed PAV Preamp

Madrigal Labs preamp-used for early Surround, but makes
A great Preamp. One owner, works perfect w remote.
Please see ad.
Proceed PAV Preamp

Retail $500

Margules SF 220 Black Preamp and U280 Black Amp

Sold as a matching pair, work great. Preamp gone through by Margules
With paperwork, amp is rock solid. Sound very nice and smooth, with
great detail yet musical. Rated at 40W/ch. Condition is near perfect
Margules SF 220 Black Preamp and U280 Black Amp

Retail $4200

Sony 707 ESD Cd Player

Really clean unit that works perfectly. Actually really impressed
With this player. Sealed CD drawer. Very musical and detailed
Without the normal edginess. Please see ad.
Sony 707 ESD Cd Player

Retail $500

McIntosh C 28 Preamp with SCR 2 Speaker Control

Gone through preamp ready to roll. One owner, belonged
To my tech.
McIntosh C 28 Preamp with SCR 2 Speaker Control

Retail $1000

Nottingham Space Deck Turntable without arm Can also use Rega RB300

Clean table with mounting for both Ace Space or Rega Arms.
Have Ace Space arm available.
Retail $2200

AudioValve Sunlida Tube Phonostage

Beautiful condition, works and sounds great, w Valvo NOS
Tubes and 7025 mil spec tubes, external power supply, umbilical Power cord
AudioValve Sunlida Tube Phonostage

Retail $2050

Antique sound labs Hurricane Power Monoblock Amps

All tubes tested, 150W/ch minimum power, rated at 200W
Great condition, gone through and tested, Local pickup only
Antique sound labs Hurricane Power Monoblock Amps

Retail $2500/pr

Antique Sound Labs Flora Ex DT Preamp

All tubes tested, running NOS 6SN7 grey, gone through
And tested, great condition
Retail $2850

BSG Technologies Signal Completion Stage

Tested, almost new, great shape
BSG Technologies Signal Completion Stage

Retail $1950

Audio Power Wedge II

4 plugs for main power amps up to 1200W, 4 isolated
Plugs with individual fuses
Audio Power Wedge II

Retail $300

Denon HA 500 MC Phonostage

Gone through completely, works perfect, good condition
Denon HA 500 MC Phonostage

Retail $650

Encore Electronics Ovation DAC

Works good, good condition HDCD capable
Works good, good condition HDCD capable

Retail $500

McIntosh MC 2002 Power Amps, 3 in stock

All real clean, tested and gone through, rack mount type
Have pan locks to mount them, rated at 200W/ch, tested
At way higher (up to 325W/ch), have 3 of these amps
McIntosh MC 2002 Power Amps, 3 in stock

Retail $1350-1450 EA

McIntosh CR 16 Controller

This is an almost new unit, original box, not sure it was ever used
Multizone controller, tested great, 8 source, 4 zones
McIntosh CR 16 Controller

Retail $800

Marantz Model 7 Preamp

Original Model 7 Pre gone through by my tech. NOS Telefunken
12AX7 tubes, new caps, recalibrated, clean front, manuals, detailed
work sheets on unit. Has new wood cabinet.
Retail $4900

Tungsol KT 150 tubes (3)

Matched and Balanced power tubes tested way above spec, they are
used, but lightly. Original boxes, 3 tubes
Retail $300
Asking $140

Meridian DSP5000 Speaker System w DSP 562V and 565 7.1 Process
This is a complete 5.0 setup for a surround system with the Preamp and
the Processor. Processor has been upgraded to 7.1. Speakers are the
digital type with built in amps, mounts, etc. and wiring (some). One
owner, recent updates to the processor.
Retail $5000+
Asking $800

AudioControl Richter Scale Equalizer

Electronic Crossover and Bass Equalizer unit.
Retail $650
Asking $250

Adcom GFA 2535 Dual Power Amp

This amp has 4 power output channels, combined in 2 each and
bridgeable. 60W/ch continuous all amps driven, 200W /ch bridged
Amp B driven only, one owner, great shape
Retail $350

Brodmann VC7 Floor Standing Speakers

My Reference Pair in near mint condition. Down to 25Hz flat
Retail $21700
Asking $6500

Altec Lansing Valencia Speakers

Gone through with new crossovers, one woofer completely
Rebuilt by Great Plains Audio, new front grills. Do have
original grills. Walnut cabinets in good condition.
Retail $2450

Synergistic Speaker wire Resolution Reference 1m XLR IC

Active shielding, almost new condition

Legacy Focus Speakers

175 lbs each, full range floor standing, this is not the SE but the version before
Retail $2300

McIntosh SCR-2 Speaker Control Relay

Works great, gone through, designed for amps
with up to 1800W supply. Guaranteed.
Retail $120

Audioengine D3 DAC/Headphone Amp

NEW unit, dealer demo. Full Warranty. 2V headphone
amp with 24 bit DAC. USB interface, plugs into
computer and is WAY BETTER than computer unit
Retail $99
Asking $59

Paulson Audio Model 20

speakers with matching sub
Speakers sound great, sub may need work but sub
driver in excellent condition (Scanspeak 9″), minor
flaws on speakers, as is.
Retail $4500
Asking $300

Epos Center channel speaker

NEW condition, sealed box
Cherry finish
Retail $450
Asking $150


Panamax M5300PM.

Over/under voltage monitoring,
5 isolated power banks w 2 high current, 11 outlets,
Level 4 AC conditioning, Clean pictures on TV and
Audio, Gaming LAN port, NEW
Retail $539
Asking $539


AudioQuest CV6 Biwire Speaker Cables w 24V

6’ Length, Great shape 2 Pair
Retail $150 Ea

AudioQuest Type 4 speaker Cable

Biwire, 12 ‘ length
Retail $270

Bottlehead Interconnect RCA

Has 90 degree head, 2’ length
Retail $150

UltraLink Custopm Speaker Cables

Retail $250

Wireworld Eclipse Speaker Cables

8 ft., 1 pr
Retail $75

Audioquest Clear Hyperlitz cables,

6’ 1 pr
Retail $50

Electraglide Speaker Cables

4’, 2 pair great for high efficiency speakers
Retail $50/pr

Lattice Interconnect, RCA,

1m, 4 pair available 50/pr


noise suppression on negative speaker
terminal. Really works
Retail $200
Asking $75


Pair XLR cables, 2.5m
Retail ?
Asking $50

Mini-1, RCA to 3.5mm jack
Retail $25
Asking $13


Jumpers, 12″, very high grade, 2 pr. 395 150
Jumpers, 24″, very high grade, 2 pr. 595 275


Contact Conditioner
Retail $16
Asking $16


Record Conditioner Kit, 2 on hand
Retail $80
Asking $35